Taking a Step Back

It is 4:30 in the morning on this lovely Monday and I lay in bed thinking thinking thinking - WHAT is going on in the studio? I am workin on so many pieces, I thought it time to step back and look at the big picture. I’ve just snapped some quick pictures of works-in-progress as well as finished pieces and lay them out here so I can catch my breath see where it is all taking me.

Here’s what’s clear to me; each piece of work here represents me at this moment in my life, in this place I live. Life is full and complex and each of the couplings below take me closer to understanding and experiencing this “place.” I am feeling quite grateful for it all, so here we go . . . .


Here are examples of how I am working with photographic self-portraits. I have a mini staging area in the studio, and when Im inspired I sit on the chair, pose,- usually with something pertinent to the day, and using the remote trigger, I take my picture. On the left is a detail of a 82” x 32” collage where I am glueing one photo on top of another.

On the right is one image taken with my camera collaged digitally in photoshop. Both processes, physical and digital, are full of endless possibilities, I am looking forward to seeing where this takes me.

IMG_3955 web.jpeg

These are two 8’ x 8” paintings on board. Painting, placing, enhancing the figure in a space has held my interest ever since I admired museum paintings as a kid. On the left, acrylics and oils, and on the right, oils and milkweed seeds.


These are visitors I observe, watch, and sometimes come eye-to-eye with in our woods. Deer and I often surprise each other and freeze, takeing a moment for a stare down. (Deer, 25” x 19”, acrylic on cement cloth). The crow on the right is composed of acrylic paint and wilted yellow iris petals, 24” x 24” on board.

29” x 33”, acrylic and pastels on board

29” x 33”, acrylic and pastels on board

I will end with this painting I have just completed. Once again I am adrift and quite content to take pause. It seems to me in stepping back, that the essential exploration in all my art pursuits has to do with placing myself in a space, letting this space form and define me, and allowing myself to be melt into it. Place, home, connecting, becoming.

Next up - my love of the Bay Area figure paintings of the 60’s.

A Continued Series, Self-Portraits

In the last two weeks I have enjoyed taking a pause from painting I sit in my chair, set the remote and take a picture of myself. I pick up things that are just around, things I collect, gather, notice and pose with them.

I like to grow grass in my cement tables. For my grass “hat” in the portrait above, I plucked this grass out, posed with it and put it right back.


Self-portraits with Asian Bittersweet, the staging continues . . .

I have been doing self-portraits with the Asian Bittersweet. I’m always ready to take a good look at myself and how I fit into this place I live. Often engrossed with “fitting” as I pull down these invasive vines from big old trees. How can I have an affect on such a huge, overwhelming and invasive mass of vines?

At the same time, I can’t help but admire this fast growing plant - the enthusiasm, the joie de vivre, the energy, pride, the embracing of all and everything with absolutely no discernment. It makes itself at home everyplace and everywhere - its roots snake in all directions as its greenery curls and unfurls climbing up towards the light.

June 17, 2019. Asian Bittersweet vines and Me.

June 17, 2019. Asian Bittersweet vines and Me.